CND Shellac and The Gel Bottle Manicures & Pedicures

There is a ZERO dry time with Shellac/gel, which means there’s no need to wait at the end of your service. There is no natural nail damage when applying Shellac because there are no drills or nail surface filing required. Shellac is an ‘easy on, easy off’ service taking just 10 minutes to remove in salon.

  • Please ensure you have removed all gel/acrylics if necessary.
  • When cleaning please ensure gloves are worn at all times to prevent damage on the Shellac.
  • Always ensure you get the product professionally removed to prevent  nail damage.


For all appointments 50% deposits will be required, your deposit will be refundable if you cancel or re-arrange your appointment with 48 hours notice. If a deposit is not taken and you cancel within 48 hours a 50% deposit will be added to your next appointment.

At Red Beauty , we understand that due to circumstances clients may run late for appointments, however due to time allocated in the salon, if you are running more than ten minutes late we will kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment.

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