(60 mins) 

 The most intensive all in one treatment yet. Harnessing the power of 6 elements to treat a vast array of skin concerns, from Element 1, the very latest technology in vortex style super cleansing with infused dissolvable oxygen to a more dramatic treatment utilising element 5, high pressure injection, for the perfect natural filler effect. SKINSTORM will certainly live up to the hype as the results are outstanding. 

Element ONE: Hurricane OXY ICE CLEANSE

The SKINSTORM Hurricane super cleanse is a super-cleansing vitamin C cam cleanse function with a difference. 

It is the only system in the world that incorporated an advanced oxygenating system that infuses the cleansing solution with pure dissolvable oxygen and chills it to just above freezing. 

How it works? A world’s first, the chilled, oxygenated cleansing solution is packed with Vitamin C, Niacinamide and minerals. It is projected across the skin at speed through a nozzle attached to the handset. The hurricane-like effect created by the vortex of ice and water literally sucks away debris, super cleanses pores and stimulates micro-circulation. The dissolvable oxygen content at 185.5% saturates the skin tissue to energise and tackle bacteria responsible for congestion and acne flare-ups at source. 

 Element TWO: Resurface and Heal

Microdermabrasion is widely known as one of the most successful resurfacing treatments. It can drastically change skin texture, smooth scarring, offer congestion extraction, refine open pores, treat pigmentation and more, but SKINSTORM Resurface and Head enhances the process still further with a two-step approach that combines microdermabrasion and phototherapy. How is works? Crystal Resurface and Heal skin resurfacing is clinically proven to remove dead skin cells and create a more uniform skin surface. it uses red and blue light to control acne, LED light to heal and repair, and green light to eliminate any pigmentation and dark marks. 

Crystal Resurfacing also smooths out fibrous tissue on the skin that may have been caused by acne outbreaks, and helps to eliminate pigmentation caused by the body’s hyper-inflammatory response to acne issues. 


Element THREE: Oxygen Ice Peel and Acne Anti-Bacterization Peel

This special peel is the only one in the world infused with dissolvable oxygen and chilled to just above freezing. This ensure that as the skin is peeled, irritation potential is significantly reduced, with the skin benefiting from oxygenation at its lower levels. 

The process allows the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) to work at deeper levels while also gently breaking down the intercellular glue. This helps to slough away excess dead skin cells and reveal fresh new skin cells. 

How it works? The treatment combines peeling and microdermabrasion – this is where oxygen and low temps are vital. Oxygen energises the skin and helps kill bacteria responsible for acne-prone skin.

Element FOUR: Oxygen-Ice Needling

This is an advanced treatment that helps the skin help itself by delivering active ingredients that stimulate cellular processes and support cellular communication, boost collagen synthesis, provide deep and lasting hydration, and offer antioxidant and anti inflammatory support. This micro needling treatment is an effective way of strengthening and repairing adhesion in the derma-epidermal junction. 

How it works? As the iced micro-channeling roller is rolled over the skin, tiny channels are created. Thee potent Halo-Filler oxygen complex – infused with dissolved oxygen and cooled is driven through the channels :

  • The skin is plumped, restructured, and hydrated from the inside. 
  • The fibroblast activity at the dermal layer stimulates collagen growth, perfect for a whole host of skin concerns from instant hydration to intensive repair and remodelling and scarring. 


Element FIVE: High Pressure Hylo Fusion Filler

This treatment uses high pressure to deliver FGF-10 serum to penetrate the skins upper layers- the same pressure used for delivering drugs into the skin. This means it delivers the high-efficacy active ingredients exactly where they are needed, creating a mattress effect to plump and firm from inside out. 

Element SIX: Trifusion Triple Light Shield Phototherapy

After each element we wrap the skin in our TriFusion Light Shield Bandage, to repair, renew and stimulate. Safe controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near Infra-red light are clinically improved to be beneficial. By exposing the skin to a low light energy at the end of each treatment, it is like wrapping the skin in a blanket and keeping it in a de-stressed state. 


The Science

COMBINING OXYGEN AND TEMPERATURE: SKINSTORM delivers enhanced penetration of active ingredients thanks to the synergistic effects of key elements. The formulations allow some active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, influencing collagen production and collagen quality, while other active ingredients work on the surface and upper layers keeping the skin hydrated and the skins barrier optimised to protection. 

COLD TEMPERATURES: Cold temperature treatments are important for soothing skin and delivering oxygen effectively. During highly active treatments, it is important to avoid triggering stress responses in the skin, as these can cause problem after treatment. Cold Temperatures help to calm and de-stress the skin, while accompanying oxygen provides the desired, non-stressed stimulation. 


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