Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make Up

Microblading and Nano blading are the latest, revolutionary methods to create the most natural looking, semi-permanent make up. These methods are brought to you by our brow stylist Aimee. 

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Microblading is a semi – permanent procedure that can last between 12-18 months and unlike other techniques, it is not reliant upon natural hair being present. This makes the microblading treatment perfect for those suffering from alopecia, trichtillonmania, or any other condition that causes hair loss, or for those wishing to have their own brows filled in, in order to have the perfect eyebrow without having to put make-up through them everyday.

Microblading gives the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend flawlessly with your natural brow. Using the natural Landscape of the clients brow – be that too thin, too plucked, or too patchy -Micrblading allows you to restore the eyebrow shape. If your brows are gone completely, the treatment will re-create an entirely new brow for you.

Using a specially designed micro-blade, natural 3D hair strokes are placed under the epidermis for the ultimate tailored brow. The pigments used in the treatment have been specially formulated to match the original eyebrow in order to achieve a natural look. This cutting edge treatment is ideal for enhancing and defining brows and you are in complete control of how you wish your bespoke brows to look.

The hand tool method differs from other techniques in the fact that it is a manual procedure, we use a tool with a collection of between 7-18 needles side by side to create delicate fine channels or incisions to the skin that mimic the shape and size of natural hairs. Your chosen pigment colour is then deposited into these channels. Once healed the pigment will lay under the surface of the skin, creating a fuller shape for your brows.

After your microblading treatment is finished, it will initially appear 40-50% darker than the colour it will eventually heal. Over the next 5 days, it will continue to darken slightly until it starts to scab over. The scabbing process is slight and most people will just notice an overall dryness. Once the brows have healed (10-12 days) they will be a lot lighter to begin with due to the layers of skin above covering them. In the next few weeks (4-6), the pigment will push back to the surface and the microblading will become clear. From the first treatment we expect retention values to lie between 40-70%, and the rest will be topped up on your re-touch appointment.

Microblading is not suitable for those with:

  • Excessive sebum/ oily skin
  • Problem skin, broken skin or acne
  • Moles through the brow area
  • Dermatitis
  • Very dry or peeling skin on the face
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Imminent holidays planned – the sun can significantly fade semi-permanent make up. You must be at least 4 weeks headed prior to going into the sun.
  • Low immune system
  • Some medical conditions or medications – please advise your technician immediately if you are suffering from any ongoing medical conditions/taking current medications. A doctors note may be required.
  • If you have had previous semi-permanent work it may not be possible to micro blade over it.
  • A skin test and consultation must be carried out prior to any treatment.
  • A £50 deposit will be taken for your 1st treatment appointment, you will need to reschedule your appointment with 5 working days notice in order to retain your deposit.
  • If you have any cold/flu or infection symptoms within 72 hours of your microblading appointment we will ask for you to re-schedule as this may lead to the treatment not working.
  • We would also ask that you avoid any blood thinning medication 48 hours prior to you appointment, this includes Vitamin E, Asprin, Niacin, and Ibuprofen – If you require blood thinning as part of on going medication then you will need a note from your doctor to say you are okay to withdraw it for 48 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Do not drink any alcohol 24 hours prior to your treatment and limit the amount of caffeine you consume.
  • Do not use Retinol/Steroid/AHA’s/Roaccutane skincare products close to the brow area for 1 month prior to and after your microblading procedure.
  • Please avoid sunbeds, and extreme sun for 30 days before and after your procedure- your skin exfoliates after a sun tan/burn – this will take the pigment we are implanting with it.
  • You should wait a minimum of 2 weeks between having electrolysis, injectables or fillers and having a microblading treatment.
  • It is advisable to shower and wash your hair prior to your treatment as you can not get the brows wet for 5 days after the procedure.
  • Please make sure that you have eaten at least 2 hours prior to your appointment time.
  • We require that you do not wear make up to your microblading appointment, this will make your post-treatment advice easier to maintain.
  • Please follow this aftercare advice for the first 10 days following your treatment, this is necessary to achieve the best healed results possible.
  • During the next 7-10 days it is normal to experience tenderness, flaking, dryness, itching, swelling or redness.
  • Please keep your eyebrow area completely dry for the first 5 days post treatment.
  • Avoid any water in the form of, steam, sweating or swimming.
  • Please keep in mind that for the first few days the brows are classed as open wounds and infection control must be at its highest. Please refrain from touching your eyebrow area.

After the 5 days you will begin your moisturising process. Always wash your hands before starting this process. On the morning or evening (once a day) of the 6th day post treatment use the coconut oil provided:

1. Heat the pot until the oil runs clear (keep the container sealed and place in a bowl of boiling water (2-5 mins).

2. using two separate cotton buds/pads soak each one in the oil. 

3. Wipe over the brows without applying too much pressure – One smooth motion.

4. The aim is to add moisture and not remove the scabs – a very light coating is all that is required – too much product can clog the brows and lead to infection.

5. Repeat this process once a day for the following 5 days until all of the scabs have gone.

Important information:
Do not touch/pick/peel or scratch the brow area. This may result in the colour healing unevenly and you could also risk scarring and infection. Avoid make-up completely around the brow area until all the scabs have gone. Do not apply any other skin creams or ointments to the brow area.

The pigment implanted is an antibody and the bodies natural reaction is to dispose of the pigment. This results in the pigment being carried away deeper into the layers of your skin, the pigment will push back up to the surface layers of the skin during the internal healing process. The result of this means when the scabs first come off the brow area may appear whitish in colour and the microblading will seem almost invisible. The true colour will not be seen for 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment date.

In order to keep your microbladed eyebrows in perfect condition it is necessary to have a maintenance procedure every 6-12 months. The requirements for this will vary for every individual. Factors such as skin type and lifestyle may reduce the longevity of the brows.

To avoid pigment fade for as long as possible avoid excessive exposure to the sun and UV rays. Always use a very high factor suncream (Recommended SPF 100) through your eyebrows, preferably on a daily basis but especially when in sunny condition.

When using your normal skin care routines try and avoid your eyebrow area as much as possible, any creams that have anti-ageing properties/ gylcol, retinol or fruity acids will fade your microblading. Also avoid oily products being used through your brows.

If you are using the suncream this will be enough moisturiser through your brows, if not use a very light cream such as johnson baby lotion every other day.

When using cleansers, if you are wearing eyebrow make up and need to remove it we recommend using a very gentle cleanser such as Elemis cleansing balm/ pro radiance cream cleanser.

If you are planning an MRI Scan or any other medical procedure please advise your practitioner that you have had semi permanent cosmetics.

Please inform the national blood service if you donate blood as you may not be eligible to give blood for the first 6 months following your procedure.

Microblading Frequently Asked Questions

It varies for every individual. Some people find a scratchy sensation other people can fall asleep! During the process we use two numbing creams, the first de-sensitises and the second numbs once the skin is broken – this makes the procedure a lot less painful and for some people pain free!

The Microblading treatment is strictly for people of 18 years of age or older – You may be asked to bring identification.

You will be allocated a 2 hours slot.

Prior to the consultation we would suggest you leave your brows to grow to their natural and full potential – this is because we want to work with as much of the natural brow as possible. Depending on hair growth we may ask you to come in and have your brows tided prior to your appointment, but after you have had your consultation.

This procedure does not change the colour of your natural brows, but it is often possible to make them appear darker by using a darker colour and adding a lot more hair strokes through the brow. After they have healed you will be able to tint your natural brow hairs if necessary.

Depending on your natural hair growth you may have to have your brows tidied after the treatment – At Red Beauty we provide express appointments for our clients who have had microblading by us. This treatment costs £18 and we will tint (if necessary), Wax and pluck your brows in order to enhance the look of the microbladed eyebrows.

No, you cannot have this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, some other medical conditions will also not allow you to have this treatment. Excessive bleeding during the treatment will affect how your brow heals. I will inform you if this happens and i may decide to stop the treatment. Some people, for unknown reasons, cannot retain the pigment. There is no predicting if you will be one of these people but I will have a good indication after your brows have healed from the initial treatment. Newly micro bladed brows still need to heal, peal and soften. Not all clients will heal off to a crisp brow, this depends on many factors including, your skin type, age, flaccidity, hydration and aftercare. How your brow heals will only be revealed after the work is done.

Most peoples faces are not completely symmetrical, therefore it is not always possible to achieve completely symmetrical brows. This is for many factors, the first being that we want to keep and use as much of your natural brow hair as possible – if your natural brows are not symmetrical, we can adjust them but we will not change them completely. Factors such as muscle tone and bone structure will also affect the symmetry of your eyebrows.

It is possible that this treatment can be performed over existing tattoos however this is hugely dependant on the exiting work. If the shape is uneven or the colour too dark it is sometimes extremely difficult to correct. In this case it would be advisable to let the existing brow tattoo fade out or have it lasered, before attempting further work. Correctional work will be assessed and quoted on an individual basis.

A semi-permanent tattoo on the face differs from a conventional tattoo as we deposit pigment and not ink. The molecules in the pigments we use are much smaller that the molecules in tattoo inks, which means our bodies will break them down quicker. The reason we choose to do this is because colours in pigments and inks fade over time through environmental exposure, therefore we aim to allow the pigments to fade down naturally over a 6-18month period, allowing more space to implant fresh colour. The 6-18 month longevity of the pigment will vary with each individual and will depend on factors such as skin type and environmental exposure. Too much exposure to UVA or UVB can cause colour change to the implanted pigment. there are precautions you can take to help the pigment last longer. These include following the aftercare treatment correctly (see aftercare), applying a high factor, physical sun screen on a daily basis. Avoiding anti-ageing/acne creams in the eyebrow area.


For all appointments 50% deposits will be required, your deposit will be refundable if you cancel or re-arrange your appointment with 48 hours notice. If a deposit is not taken and you cancel within 48 hours a 50% deposit will be added to your next appointment.

At Red Beauty , we understand that due to circumstances clients may run late for appointments, however due to time allocated in the salon, if you are running more than ten minutes late we will kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment.

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