This unique lash extension treatment has been specially developed to combine the best aspects of our Extend treatment while also incorporating the expert work of our Volume Masters.

This unique technique has been developed to increase the volume of the lashes when compared with the more natural look of Nouveau lashes. A variety of styles are available with SVS, ranging from a natural looking volume to a fuller, more glamorous look.

  • Please ensure that no eye makeup is worn and no contact lenses are worn.
  • Any previous individual lashes that have been applied by another salon have been removed prior to the appointment.
  • For the first 48 hours after your SVS Lash treatment do not allow water to contact lashes.
  • For two days after do not use steam baths, swim, or wash face with hot water.
  • Do not use waterproof mascara or make-up remover on lashes, as it will affect the bonding of SVS Lashes.
  • Whilst you have SVS lashes on refrain from using any oils around the eyes, this includes eye creams containing oil, eyeshadows, make up or oil based make up remover as this will damage the bond and cause your lash extensions to come out prematurely.
  • Only use water based mascara on SVS lashes tip.
  • Do not perm or use a lash curler.
  • Do not rub the eyes or SVS Lashes when washing face.
  • Always pat dry after cleansing.
  • An occasional visit to the sauna room and sunbed is fine, however everyday use may cause lashes to fall off prematurely.


For all appointments 50% deposits will be required, your deposit will be refundable if you cancel or re-arrange your appointment with 48 hours notice. If a deposit is not taken and you cancel within 48 hours a 50% deposit will be added to your next appointment.

At Red Beauty , we understand that due to circumstances clients may run late for appointments, however due to time allocated in the salon, if you are running more than ten minutes late we will kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment.

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